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Emeralds In Fashion: Celebrity Favorites And Red Carpet Moments

Key Insights

Under the bright starlight, a touch of emerald green can always instantly capture the focus of all the cameras and become the most dazzling presence on the red carpet. Emerald, this ancient and mysterious gemstone, with its unique deep green color, not only carries nature's ghostly craftsmanship but also has written a legendary story in the fashion industry. From the golden age of Hollywood to the forefront of modern fashion, emerald jewelry has always been the darling of celebrities and superstars, which not only represents the wealth and status, but also symbolizes the wearer's unique charm and extraordinary taste.

Stars and Emeralds: A Symphony of History and Modernity

Dating back to the last century, emeralds have been a favorite of celebrities, with Elizabeth Taylor wearing an emerald necklace given to her by Richard Burton at the Oscars in 1962, which was set with over 60 carats of Colombian emeralds and complemented by her 17-carat pair of emerald earrings, which were the center of attention for a while. Her famous emerald engagement ring, weighing 23 carats, is of inestimable value and bears witness to their sensational love story.

Elizabeth Taylor: Bulgari emerald and diamond jewelry set

Moving into the modern era, the charm of emeralds remains undiminished on the red carpet. In 2009, Angelina Jolie paired a black dress with a 115-carat pear-shape emerald drop earrings at the Cannes Film Festival. The earrings are not only attracted eyeballs because of its stunning carat weight, but also because of the sense of elegance and power it contained, making it one of the most unforgettable moments on the red carpet that year.


Similarly, in 2019, Taylor Swift wore Colombian emerald and titanium hoop earrings at the MTV Video Music Awards. With its unique color and design, emerald jewelry adds endless luxury and mystery to their red carpet looks, becoming a trendsetter in the fashion industry.

Taylor Swift: Colombian emerald and titanium hoop earrings

Eco-Friendly And Technological: OBY's Cultured Emerald Jewelry

In the pursuit of beauty and fashion, more and more celebrities and consumers have begun to pay attention to the sustainability of jewelry. oBY Jewelry is a leader in responding to this trend, and it has redefined the concept of luxury and environmental protection in jewelry with the core of lab-grown emeralds. oBY adopts advanced scientific and technological means to cultivate gemstones that are equally as beautiful and more environmentally friendly as natural emeralds, and each of its pieces carries respect and care for the earth. Each piece carries the respect and love for the earth.

Take OBY's Teardrop Pear Cut Lab-grown Emerald Necklace as an example. The design of this necklace is inspired by the water drops in nature, and each gemstone has been meticulously cut to reveal the purest greenness and vitality of the emerald. Not only is it visually indistinguishable from a natural emerald, but it has also won the favor of many consumers, including celebrities, because of its environmentally friendly production method. Imagine wearing a necklace like this, not only showing off your personal taste, but also proclaiming to the world your support and commitment to sustainable fashion.

Beyond The Red Carpet: Emeralds In Daily Life

Emeralds don't just belong on the red carpet and in the limelight, and OBY Jewelry understands this, and has designed a range of emerald jewelry that is suitable for everyday wear but can also be easily managed for important occasions, such as the simple, yet elegant Cultured Emerald Studs, which are small and delicate enough to be worn with both casual and professional attire, and allow the wearer to exude a distinctive sparkle in her daily life. These designs are designed to allow every woman to feel the glamor of emeralds on her ordinary days, and to experience the same dignity and confidence as if she were walking down the aisle.

All in all, emerald jewelry has an unshakeable position in the fashion world, both the heritage of history and the vanguard of modern fashion. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, OBY Jewelry's cultivated emerald series is leading a new fashion trend, making this green color not only limited to the patents of celebrities, but also a precious accessory that every woman who pursues a beautiful and sustainable lifestyle can own. In this day and age, choosing OBY's Cultured Emerald jewelry is choosing an earth-friendly luxury, a fashionable and responsible attitude towards life.

Emerald Bar Charm Necklace

Emerald Bar Charm Necklace
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