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Lab-Grown Emerald Why It's A Guilt-Free Luxury Option

Key Insights

In recent years, lab-grown emeralds have become a viable alternative to their mined counterparts and are growing in popularity, offering consumers a guilt-free, environmentally conscious luxury option. As demand for these man-made gems continues to rise, it is important for buyers to understand the factors that influence their cost. This comprehensive price guide will take an in-depth look at the key factors that affect the value of lab-grown emeralds, enabling you to make an informed buying decision.

Production methods of Lab Grown Emerald

The method used to cultivate emeralds in the laboratory plays an important role in determining their cost. Currently, there are two main techniques available on the market: the Chemical Vapor Deposition and the High Pressure High Temperature

Chemical Vapor Deposition

Thin wafers of diamonds are needed as seeds, which are then put into the incubation chamber and given certain conditions to allow the diamond wafers to stack one on top of the other and become cultivated rough diamonds.

High Pressure High Temperature

Directly simulating the conditions of natural diamond formation in the mantle, carbon atoms in the growth chamber, given high temperature and high pressure, so that the growth of diamond crystals.

Quality factors

As with natural emeralds, the quality and appearance of laboratory-grown emeralds are evaluated according to the 4C criteria: color, clarity, cut and carat weight. These factors have a significant impact on the overall cost of the stone.


The most valuable lab-grown emeralds exhibit a vivid, saturated green hue, often described as "blue-green" or "bluish-green". The intensity and desirability of the color directly affects the price of the stone. Gemstones with lighter, yellowish or grayish colors are usually less expensive.


Emeralds, whether natural or lab-grown, are known for their characteristic inclusions, which give them a unique, almost "lifelike" appearance. However, the fewer the inclusions, the greater the transparency and the higher the price. Lab-grown emeralds can come in different clarity grades, ranging in price from stones with no inclusions to those with visible inclusions.


Laboratory-grown emeralds, when properly cut, maximize the stone's brilliance, color dispersion and overall visual appeal. Factors such as symmetry, proportions and skillful positioning of inclusions can have a significant impact on price. Custom or special cuts can also command a premium for the extra labor and expertise involved.

Carat weight

Larger lab-grown emeralds are rarer and more difficult to produce, which adds to their value. Prices tend to increase exponentially with carat weight, meaning that a stone twice as large as another can cost more than double.

Certificates and origin

An independent certificate issued by a reputable gemological laboratory, such as the GIA or IGI, ensures the authenticity, quality and origin of a lab-grown emerald. Certified gemstones usually command a higher price because they provide buyers with more credibility and peace of mind. For more details, you can read the previous article on the origin of lab-grown emeralds can also affect their price, especially if they are associated with a reputable manufacturer known for producing top quality gemstones. Some consumers may be willing to pay a premium for gemstones produced by a particular laboratory because of its reputation, proprietary growing techniques, or environmental awareness. Market demand, competition among manufacturers, and fluctuations in production capacity can affect the price of lab-grown emeralds. Strong demand or limited supply may push prices up, while increased competition or excess production may cause prices to fall.

To make an informed purchasing decision, it is critical to understand the various factors that influence the cost of lab-grown emeralds. From production methods and quality factors to certification, origin and market dynamics, each factor plays a decisive role in the value of the gemstone. By taking these factors into account and combining them with your personal preferences, budget and ethical considerations, you can confidently find the perfect lab-grown emerald on the market that combines beauty, luxury and sustainability at a price that suits you. At OBY, you'll not only find the right fit, but you'll also find the perfect lab-grown jewelry for you with this 3.00 carat LUXE emerald ring. It highlights the beauty of luxury and timelessness. This exquisite ring showcases a radiant emerald that exudes a rich green hue that evokes a regal allure. 

There is also a pendant of the same design the charm's setting enhances the natural beauty of the emerald, Luxe Emerald Pendant Charm 3.00 Carat creating a mesmerizing visual impact.

Luxe Emerald Ring 3.00 Carat

Luxe Emerald Ring 3.00 Carat
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