Gold Vermeil, Lab Grown Gems

Emerald Cut Lab Grown Emerald Signature Signet Ring

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Size: US 6

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Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this signet ring boasts a design that combines sophistication with a modern twist. The emerald cut of the stone exudes a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, while the lab-grown emerald embodies ethical and sustainable luxury. The ring's sleek band provides a sleek and comfortable fit, allowing for effortless wear.


  • Recycled Silver 18ct gold vermeil
  • Gemstone: Lab-Grown Emerald (Birthstone May) Meaning: truth and love.
  • Height: about 21.9mm
  • Width: about 20.7mm
  • Ring Size: US size 6/ size 7 / size 7.5
  • Total Carat Weight: 1.50 carat
  • Certification in GRC is provided

Depending on the method the lab-grown gemstone is created, some lab-grown gemstones can even contain inclusions or flaws found in natural gems.

NOTE: Lab-grown gemstones may have natural inclusions or flaws depending on the creation method.


All our jewelry has been made with love by us, to be well-loved by you. With proper care, it will continue to shine.

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Size: US 6

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At OBY, we understand that your jewelry is sentimental and meaningful so we set each piece with a small green nano-gemstone inside the jewelry, when design permits. Our signature green serves as an intimate reminder to indulge in the beauty of luxury jewelry without sacrificing the values

Our tail plate with lathes-carved flower technology has a green sustainable nano-gemstone hanging on necklace/bracelet, while earrings, pendants & rings feature a green nano-gem on the back/front.

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Gemstones over 1.0 carats only

certification in GRC is provided

GRC is one of the world’s leading gemmological labs, especially for high-end coloured gemstones, diamonds and pearls.

 lab grown emerald certified

Lab-Grown Gems

Man-made gems are chemically, physically, and optically identical to natural gems. They are ethical and eco-friendly.

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Lab-grown gems offer numerous benefits

Lab created gemstones are eco-friendly, recreating the earth's process without carbon emissions or environmental destruction.

Mining gemstones have long caused problems like conflicts, child labor, unauthorized mining, and smuggling. Lab-grown gemstones eliminate these challenges.

Lab-created gems are significantly cheaper than mined gemstones, often selling for 50% less or even lower due to their shorter supply chain and production time.

Natural gemstones usually have inclusions due to internal factors during formation. Lab-created gemstones have higher clarity and fewer inclusions.


FSC Certified Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging & reusable pouches. (Find your ring size with our convenient chart!)

Recycled Silver

Every piece is handcrafted with 100% recycled 18ct gold vermeil and solid sterling silver, reducing CO2 emissions by over 60%. It’s highly durable and designed for everyday wear.


We offer lab-grown gemstones, natural pearls and moonstones, and use recycled silver and eco-friendly packaging to reduce our impact on the planet.

Responsibly Manufactured

Handcrafted by experienced teams. Our production ecosystem aims to minimize environmental impact, support partners, and give back to communities. We prioritize transparency in sourcing, processing, and working conditions. Learn More

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